Why Magnum Copters

Most airplane and helicopter flight schools are operated as a business, with the goal of making money by helping student pilots obtain their pilots license.  This is done by training students to meet the minimum FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) in order to pass the associated written exams and practical check rides.  As most helicopter jobs require at least 1000 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) experience, most pilots obtain their Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) ratings around 200 hours, and then teach other students in order to build their time up to the 1000 hr mark.  The problem is that almost every helicopter sector is looking for “real world” experience that is simply not taught by flight schools because those skills are not required in order to pass the FAA checkride. It’s truly the old chicken and egg dilemma…. Can’t get a job without experience…. Can’t get experience without a job.

The industry acknowledges this “GAP” exists, but most flight schools are unable to bridge the gap for several reasons:

  1. Their instructors don’t have the “real world” experience necessary to train their students.  Most flight instructors out there are 200 hr pilots who just finished their own training and are now building flight time in order to secure their first job.
  2. It imposes additional risk for the fight school.
  3. It’s more expensive, which impacts profitability.
  4. Many schools train in the R22 which doesn’t have the reserve power needed to safely train these skill sets.

The shortage of qualified pilots in the industry is forecasted to continue for approximately the next 8-10 years. Magnum Copters was created specifically with the intention of helping to bridge the GAP between obtaining your pilots license and having at least an entry level knowledge in the “Real World” flight skills operators are looking for. We do so by incorporating advanced training, mock interviews, and resume boosting because our goal is to help students succeed after receiving their certificates.

Please check out our FAQ Page to better explain any other questions you may have in regards to our flight school.


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